I am coding a Blender Ogre importer for Ogre 1.10. I want to import the animations from the .skeleton but ogre and Blender bones are different:


  • A bone is a Node
  • Have an offset from parent (translation)
  • Have a rotation (quaternion)
  • Have a scale


  • Bones are a pair of 3D points: head and tail
  • Can be connected/disconnected from the parent tail
  • The offset is relative to parent tail.
  • The head-tail length can't be 0

Blender bones cause 2 issues:

  • I can't create bones if ogre bone is just a rotation relative to it's parent (because blender will delete the bone automatically)
  • I can't just create only "disconnected" bones because the offset is relative to the tail and the head tail length can't be 0...

My question is: How blender import node-based bones usually (in other formats) ?


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