Image showing problem :/

I am new to blender but I've looked all over for a solution and haven't found one, sorry to waste your time but it there a reason my model isn't showing up I've tried and untextured cube and that shows up in the rendered view. I've also tried "In object mode press W -> clear all restricted render." from someone else's similar problem which didn't work.

  • $\begingroup$ yeah link $\endgroup$ Feb 20 '16 at 11:01
  • $\begingroup$ do you need the texture file too?? $\endgroup$ Feb 20 '16 at 11:11

Select your object,click Shift+Ctrl+A or ctrl+A and then select make duplicates real. enter image description here

And then it will show up in renders:

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ It would be useful to mention that this was caused by dupliframes option set to Frames. $\endgroup$
    – Mr Zak
    Feb 20 '16 at 12:36

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