I'm looking for a quick solution to creating curvilinear perspective renderings in Blender. Specifically, I want the kind of panorama you'd get if you shot a panorama on a camera or were drawing a wide-angle drawing of what's around you, turning your head. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/types-of-perspective-drawings.html

Rob Adams has good examples of the goal here: http://www.treeshark.com/treeblog/?p=301

Equirectangular is close but it seems to be designed to keep vertical lines straight. I'm looking for curvature on both vertical and horizontal lines.

Has anyone done this? I'd prefer to avoid doing this the hard way, stitching together renders into a panorama. A script could do that, I'm sure, but even that would be somewhat clunky in terms of interactivity.


The easiest solution is to render your movie with "normal" lens to a video file, then get its output you can project like a texture on other object and have any kind of deformation / lens you like.


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