I'd like to update the label of an operator when it's called. But this :

def execute(self,context):
    self.bl_label = "good night"

... apparently doesn't work if the bl_label property has already been defined. Am I wrong ?


Manipulating an operator type once registered isn't supported. *

Your options are:

  • override the label when drawing the interface. eg:
    layout.operator("some.op", text=label_override)
  • Modify the class, then re-register the operator
    (unregister() & register())

Hint, if you want to do a conditional override, Python can do this by passing a dictionary...

keyword_args = {}
if some_test:
    keyword_args["text"] = label_override
layout.operator("some.op", **keyword_args)

* (unless you modify the memory directly, which is possible but outside the scope of Blender/Python API).

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