I made a rope using a bezier curve. I then proceeded to use the bevel option to have a rope like thing, but how can I make a real mesh so that I can fill the hole (see picture). Or maybe there's an option for that.

bezier curve with end open


Use the convert to

  1. Hit the spacebar, click on search and key in "convert to"
  2. Select Convert to from the search return.
  3. Select "Mesh from Curve" from the drop down meun.

Now you have a poly mesh instead of a bezier curve.


Using a Curve Circle as Bevel Object instead the Bevel Option, you'll be able to toggle Fill Caps on.

Fill Caps

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you so much. A hidden gem. "Fill Caps" is also working with Curve>NurbsCircle. The Add-on "Add Curve: Extra Objects" makes adding a bevel and taper curve super easy with right-click menu. You still have to tick "Fill Caps" because it is off by default. The Add-on "Curve Tools" is also extremely useful. Cheers! $\endgroup$ – Coby Randal Jan 24 at 21:18

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