Imagine you have a number of strips in the VSE and you want the white balance, the exposure, or the color balance to match between each strip. Would there be a setup that would enable you to display for example strip 1 (with strip modifiers if any) in a window and strip 2 in another window? If such setup was possible, one would them add strip modifiers to strip 2 to match strip 1 (eyeballing).



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There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You could stack the strips above each other and make a new preview window for each strip. At the bottom of the preview window is a channel number, simply set this for the strip you want to see.

    Example Screenshot 1

  2. Or you can make 2 preview windows and turn on the Ghost offset function in the preview window. Simply turn on the ghost button and enter the frame offset so the black line lands on the shot you want to compare. Then toggle down the Overlay menu next to the offset and select "reference". The other preview window should show "Current", this will display whatever the green play indicator is stopped on.

    Example Screenshot 2


Just use two Transform Effect Strips for temporary side-by-side display and do your Color Balancing on top of these. Afterwards you can select your untransformed Strips and Copy your Modifiers to Selected Strips.

Your Effect Strips Blend Type has be set to OverDrop (or AlphaOver) and you need to Scale and translate it accordingly (I uniform scaled both to around 0.55 of their size and translated their position into the corners).
Then you can apply a Color Balance Strip Modifier to them... To not get confused with or have unwanted side-effects from the underlying strips you might mute the source strips of your Transform strips.


You have to copy your Strips to be at the same Frame on different Channels as you cannot simultaneously show two different frames in Blender.

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    $\begingroup$ There are great tutorials out there to get you started. Follow them first and you should be good to go ;-) $\endgroup$
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