Is there a common group of junction types a re topology-artist should be aware of?

Explanation of question:

It seems I've been thrust into the world of re-topology now that I am making more use of zbrush.

I noticed there are many times when mesh-density changes should occur either upward or downward depending on detail. I also avoid using tris, which means more puzzling situations: How to scale / decrease density without using tris?

The whole issue boils down to this: Face Junction types.

Perhaps this is a naive assumption or oversimplifiction, but I wonder if there exists a small visual reference of common junction types used in topology. A certain 'holy grail' or reliable catalog of junction types, possibly named, and explained?

As I'm very new to this, I've attached a screenshot of one I commonly use in downscaling or upscaling mesh density, but I'm sure I could be using different approaches / face arrangements.

enter image description here



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