I need to update a 2.49 blender code to 2.74 but I can't find in Blender 2.74 a module named Ipo. Someone can help me? Below, part of my code in 2.49 version.

  obj = Object.Get('obj'+str(visNames.index(ni)))    

  ipo = Ipo.New('Object','obj'+str(visNames.index(ni))+'.ipo')

  curveTime = ipo.addCurve('Time')

  curveLocX = ipo.addCurve('LocX')

  curveLocY = ipo.addCurve('LocY')

  curveLocZ = ipo.addCurve('LocZ')

From 2.50 Ipo's have been replaced with Actions. While you can create an action with bpy.ops.action.new() you can also just add a keyframe to a property and the action will be created for you. Instead of Ipo curves we now use f-curves.

Starting with getting an object by name

obj = bpy.data.objects['Cube']

You can then use keyframe_insert to key all 3 axes of the objects location with


To key just one axis you can specify an index (X=0 Y=1 Z=2)

obj.keyframe_insert('location', index=0)

You could add multiple keyframes from a list

x = [1.0, 2.0, 3.0]
xframes = [0, 10, 20]
for i in range(len(x)):
    obj.location.x = x[i]
    obj.keyframe_insert('location', index=0, frame=xframes[i])

For the interpolation, each keyframe has it's own interpolation setting. A simple loop can set each keyframe to use the same interpolation.

objCurves = obj.animation_data.action.fcurves
for curve in objCurves:
    # here you can also test curve.array_index to find
    # the curve of a specific axis
    # array_index matches the index used in keyframe_insert
    if curve.data_path == 'location':
        for k in curve.keyframe_points:
            k.interpolation = 'LINEAR'

From blender v2.76 you can use objCurves.find() to get the specific curve that you want.

objCurves = obj.animation_data.action.fcurves
for i in [0,1,2]:
    curve = objCurves.find('location', index=i)
    for k in curve.keyframe_points:
        k.interpolation = 'LINEAR'
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks @sambler, this explanation was very useful for me. But, there is an error in curve = objCurves.find('location', index=i) that appear the following message: find() takes no keywords arguments . I didn't understand this. Finally, in 2.49 Ipo's version I have: for i in range(len(x)): curveLocX.addBezier((xtime[i],x[i])) Can I add Bezier using keyframe_insert after that linear interpolation that you showed for me? $\endgroup$ – Jimmy Jan 19 '16 at 20:13
  • $\begingroup$ My bad fcurve.find() was added in 2.76. You have one fcurve for each property, it contains a point for each keyframed value. You use multiple keyframe_insert with different frames to animate the value. $\endgroup$ – sambler Jan 20 '16 at 6:30

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