I'm trying to create railings that follow a landscape, something like this (side view.)


So far I've:

  1. created a plane.
  2. parented the "post" object to the plane.
  3. added an array modifier to the plane.
  4. added a curve that follows the landscape.
  5. added a curve modifier to the plane, using that curve.
  6. enabled duplication on faces to the plane.

That gets me a row of posts that follow the landscape, and the post meshes themselves aren't distorted by the curve, but it leaves a problem: the posts point along the normal of the curve/landscape, I need them to be vertical, so that I can add the railing passing through the top of each post.

any ideas to solve this?


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When you just delete one side of your plane leaving two single Vertices behind and setting the Duplication to Verts, you'll get what you want!?

enter image description here

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