I am sensing that there is an order or format issue in my script. The following sequence results into this pie layout with the two last commands starting at the 2 position.

enter image description here

        box = pie.split().column()
        row = box.row()
        box.operator("MESH_OT_faces_shade_smooth", text="Mesh Smooth")
        box.operator("MESH_OT_faces_shade_flat", text="Mesh Flat")
        box.prop(mesh, "show_normal_face", text="Face Normal", icon='FACESEL')
        box.prop(mesh, "show_extra_edge_length", text="Face Normal Length")
        box.prop(scene.tool_settings, "normal_size", text="Size")
        row.prop(mesh, "use_auto_smooth")
        row.prop(mesh, "auto_smooth_angle", text="Angle")

But I would like them to be in one row byt at the end of the pie menu.

Can somebody explain to me where my flaw in the logic there is?


You start with -

box = pie.split().column()
row = box.row()

Then you add items to the column and then follow it with two properties in the row that you first created at the top.

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