I'm currently working on a very small screen, and I'd like to have all the panels closed by default and only open the ones I need manually, or if possible even just remember my last open panels when I save a project. Is it possible?

Open and Closed panels

(open (1) and closed (2) panels in the editor)

I know I can use Ctrl+LMB to open a panel singularly, and that alone is a great help, but this would be even better.

  1. Open blender.

  2. Set the screens the way you want them.

  3. Press Ctrl U to save the current file as the startup file.

enter image description here

From then on, every time you open blender you'll be presented with the layout you've customized.

Setings are always saved so that when you reopen a file it will open with the windows in the same way they where when the file was saved.

If you want to override this behavior unclick the Load UI in when opening a file:

enter image description here

To go reload blender's original settings you can always go to the top menu and use File->Load Factory Settings

Update For 2.8

Many shortcuts have changed in 2.8. There is no default shortcut for that operation any more. Ctrl+Alt+>U doesn't work any more.

You will have to do this through the menu.

To save the default scene use File > Save Startup file.

enter image description here

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