In the Image below I've placed some 'feathers' on top of each other.
They are made of image-planes with transparent backgrounds.

feather shadow test

The problem I have is that I would like the feathers to receive shadows from other feathers. However I don't want them to catch lights (which happens on the left where I've added a strong spot-light)

The feathers on the left have these node-settings (which reflects lights and shadows, and also casts them): node editor feathers left

And the feathers on the right have these... (which ignore lights and shadows, but do however cast shadows on other objects) node editor feathers right

The ideal thing would be to have the node-settings something like the feathers on the right (seen in the last picture), but that the image-plane also can receive a shadow.

Is it possible to achieve this using only the node-editor? (or do I have to use render layers?! I'm not sure how to do that either...)

If someone knows a good way to solve this, please let me know! :)


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