Porous material I tried to model a porous material which contain empty spheres or complex shapes, modeling it into a cube.

(source: scielo.br)

I found this video as an example, but the procedure was made by Cinema 4D with an add plugin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcRlTK0TUBg
Is there a technique to use procedural textures and volumetric effects to these porous texture, or if there's a script to do!


You could use 3d dimensional procedural textures for volumetric rendering: enter image description here

With a node setup like:

enter image description here

The scale of the voronoi texture controls the size of the bubbles. You could also try noise or musgrave texture with different settings.

For more details I reduced the step size in the volumnetric render settings: enter image description here

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