I would like to create a hologram of sci-fi ship. I created materials in blender render and hoped, that they will be easily used in game engine too (my mistake).

And I have been unable to create the effect I want - volumetric/smoke effect (image bellow)enter image description here

This is what I have been able to come up with in game engine so far. (image bellow)enter image description here


Hologram effect like requested above with visible node shader

The trick: Set the object to 'shade smooth' and use the surface normal. It doesn't work everywhere (such as the left edge of the object, but it works well enough in a lot of cases. I use this trick quite often, for things like fire, which you can do with a single distorted sphere and some UV-scroll.

Note that this requires GLSL, and uses a node material.

If you mix it with a cloud texture you can make smoke/clouds: An Orange cloud

The blend for the cloud can be downloaded from blenderartists

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