So I'm trying to learn, but I have a really hard time understanding the relation between materials, textures, UV maps and so on. So right now I have the following problem: I'm trying to make a simple red texture be a bit grainy using a noise texture. The node setup can be seen in the screenshots below. It works fine if I view it in rendered mode (I'm using the cycles engine) or export a screenshot, but the object appears completely black in material mode:

material mode

rendered mode

So this is probably a very stupid question, but do you mind telling me how I can fix this?


  • $\begingroup$ Just a hunch, but try selecting the red diffuse node $\endgroup$
    – J Sargent
    Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 20:15
  • $\begingroup$ Select it in the node editor you mean? I just did, so? $\endgroup$
    – MoritzLost
    Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 20:17
  • $\begingroup$ Yeah, and then switch back to solid and then to material again. If it doesn't help, you can set the material viewport display settings to a specific color, it just won't update. The Noise texture is what is throwing it off I think $\endgroup$
    – J Sargent
    Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 20:17
  • $\begingroup$ Still black :/ In solid it appears with the standard grey-ish white of objects that don't have a texture applied by the way $\endgroup$
    – MoritzLost
    Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 20:19
  • $\begingroup$ Alright, it must be the noise texture. I do not know how to do this :/ $\endgroup$
    – J Sargent
    Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 20:20

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Procedural textures (such as noise) will not render in Material Shading

enter image description here

From the Manual:

Shading refers to the way objects are drawn and lit in the 3D View.


An accurate representation using the selected Render Engine and lit with the visible scene lights.


A fast approximation of the applied material. Some effects, such as procedural textures may not be shown.


Shows meshes with an image applied using the mesh’s active UV Map. For Cycles materials, the image is the last one selected in the Node Editor. For other render engine’s, the UV Map’s applied face texture will be shown.


The default drawing mode using solid colored surfaces and simple lighting.


Objects appear as a mesh of lines representing the edges of faces and surfaces.

Bounding Box Shows only the rectangular boxes that outlines an object’s size and shape.

When you have a mix node, the color connected used in the bottom socket becomes the one used in the 3D viewport's material shading:

enter image description here

  • 2
    $\begingroup$ Whoa... never knew that part about the bottom socket being used for material preview shading. Is that documented anywhere or did you just figure it out by trial and error? A long time ago I gave up on using material preview shading with Cycles because I found it unpredictable and inaccurate. This bit of knowledge changes that a little bit. $\endgroup$
    – Mentalist
    Commented Dec 6, 2015 at 0:47

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