I have another problem within Blender. I can't find a way to connect two cylinders at the corner of a bench seat. I have four corners to connect.

Here is a picture: enter image description here

Only one of the corners is depicted. I tried selecting the two faces I want covered and making Edge/Face, however that doesn't work. I don't want to select two edges at a time and make edge/face. That's going to be tedious and will take a while.

Here is the .blend: Blendfile

I'm not trying to achieve what this question asks. This is what would be an "L joint" if the cylinders' connection were to be called one.


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Well it can be achieved with Bridge Edge Loops function:

  1. Align 'end cap' polygons at the beginnings of the desired curve. The trick is to maintain same distance from the angle point

  2. Select both caps and press W > Bridge Edge Loops

  3. Tweak connection properties

Caps aligned with tangent points At the left panel properties can be found

  • $\begingroup$ That answer was very helpful! It worked like a charm. Thank you! $\endgroup$ Dec 4, 2015 at 17:34

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