I can make a curve with python, but I'd like to convert that curve into a renderable tube. In blender 2.6 and up, I can just select the "Fill Mode" of the curve as "full", change the "Preview U" and "Bevel" properties, and I haz a tube.

How I can I do that in python?


This script will add a new bezier curve, and set its bevel and resolution properties:

import bpy


c = bpy.context.object

c.data.resolution_u     = 24     # Preview U
c.data.fill_mode        = 'FULL' # Fill Mode ==> Full
c.data.bevel_depth      = 0.02   # Bevel Depth
c.data.bevel_resolution = 4      # Bevel Resolution

On a more general note, Blender can help you find the Python API commands and properties for doing most anything. When you hover with your mouse cursor on a property in the UI, you'll see a tooltip message, that includes the Python API at the bottom (in the example below I placed the cursor over the Bevel Depth property):


Also, the online API documentation is your best friend. There's a convenient search box on the left menu, that will get you all kinds of useful stuff if you type in "curve bevel", for instance.

  • $\begingroup$ @nbubis - Need to note that I fixed a little bug there with the curve object reference $\endgroup$ – TLousky Dec 3 '15 at 16:30

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