Ok so I got as far as getting the colors I want, and making them gradient. Now my question is how do I get the colors to wrap around a circle mesh like the rings around a planet? Im guessing it has something to do with mapping?


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In cycles

use a gradient texture using a quadratic sphere as the color style blending.

enter image description here

Blender Internal

Use quadratic sphere for the blend and sphere for the projection:

enter image description here

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In Cycles

A rings texture can be generated using color ramps and object coordinates.

Sphere rings

This texture was generated using this node setup.

Nodes texture

The key idea is to use one coordinate axis and a color ramp to cycle through the different bands.

For rings about the planet, you can convert the object x-y coordinate into a radius using sqrt(x^2+y^2) and a color ramp.

The geometry is a sphere and filled in circle for the rings.

planet and ring

The node setup for the texture converts the x-y coordinates into a radius, then uses the radius to lookup the color. Also, alpha can be set in the color ramp to make the rings transparent in spots and near the planet.

nodes setup

planet with ring

Adding a transparent color to the color ramp, puts gaps in the rings.

enter image description here


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