I've created a bezier curve but now I want to change its type to path. How to achieve this? And btw. if I can animate both: bezier curve and path, what is the practical difference between those?


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Okay, so there are two main kinds of curves in Blender. Bézier and NURBS. A path is a NURBS curve and you want to convert a bezier curve to it. To do this is really easy:

  1. Click on the bezier curve in question.
  2. Press Tab
  3. Select the bezier curve by pressing A
  4. Press Space and search for "Set Spline Type"
  5. Click "NURBS"

Now you have a "path" or NURBS curve to work with. I found this solution in reverse on here.

As for the practical difference between the two, as far as i can tell, the NURBS curve is more accurate and precise than its bezier counterpart. I hope this helps.


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