Version: 2.76b, Renderer: Cycles

I have a material on an object. This material is made up of two textures: One created in Photoshop, which is semi-complete, and a second one that was created within Blender that has it's alpha channel decreased to zero.

I want to add painted details to the object on this transparent texture, so that I can export that texture into Photoshop and use it as a layer.

I also want to paint on this transparent texture while both textures are displayed in the 3D view. So, I have to change the shading mode to Material, which shows the 'finalized' material with both textures mixed together.

However, when I paint in the view the strokes have pixelated edges, despite them being completely normal in other rendering modes (these are useless as Renderered is laggy while painting and Solid/Texture modes do not show the finalized material, obviously). This is an obvious issue as I'm not able to see what the 'real' stroke looks like on the finalized material.

Pixelated strokes in Material shading mode

I may have tracked the problem down to the fact that I'm painting on a transparent texture. When the alpha is put back to 100%, the strokes are correctly smooth, but then it's an opaque image when exported to Photoshop, which is not what I want.

Is there any way to do this non-destructive way of painting textures or do I have to simply paint on the original semi-complete diffuse texture and export that one?


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Richard Marklew, a mod at BlenderArtists.org answered my question: Fix

enter image description here

It seems I was supposed to hook up the transparent texture's Alpha to "Fac" of the Mix Shader in the node editor. Fixed it easily.

Edit: I'll mark this as the Answer in a couple of days due to the account limit.


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