I'm creating an animation (with sound) in blender that's gonna be an HTML5 video. As browsers are quite picky, I'll probably need to embed the video into the web page in multiple different formats for an universal support. - A single MPEG-4/H.264 might be enough, however, there isn't seem to be a way to tell blender to keep it in baseline. So anyhow I try, I just cannot produce one video file using blender that would go well in all browsers.

Therefore my idea is to create the animation in some lossless format first, and then convert it to the formats I need for the <video> tag (I guess these are MP4/H.264 with baseline profile and WebM.) using some video editor. So I'm looking for a file format+coding combo which is

  1. supported by blender to export to,
  2. lossless, (or near lossless if there isn't a completely lossless option)
  3. and not too hard to be converted into the final formats I'll need.

Ps: I've found this thread previously. Should I also go with H264 lossless, or are there better options in my case? Or... do I even need an external tool, or can I maybe export proper HTML5 videos directly to web from blender? This would be the best.



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