I have a geometry which is an extruded, rectangular plane with features on it, which I would like to wrap it around itself with a half twist in the way a mobius strip is constructed. Something similar to this:

Mario Strip

How would I go about constructing such a geometry?


I start by making a few assumptions:

  • Your geometry is not too prominent.
  • It can get distorted quite a bit.

If these are true, you can use this trick.

There is one possible way. First you start by baking the height of the flat geometry. There are a number of ways to do this, see here for some possibilities: How to make a displacement map from existing 3d geometry

Armed with the height map you model the Möbius strip. Unwrap it (hint: you only get one side). Then add a displacement modifier to it (you probably also want a "Subdivision Surface* below. Level four or five should do it.). Set the Displace to use the height map. Also set it to UV (messed this up myself a few times) and decrease it's strength. You can finish with the combo solidify-edge split-subsurf lv.2. For optimum results set the shading to smooth.

I hope this helps.


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