I'm completly new with all of this. I've downloaded blender from official website, but it doesn't work.

When I try to opend blender.exe it shows console for quarter of a second and closes with no notification from windows.

I menaged to catch console on screenshot, here it is. enter image description here

I tried to reinstall it three times, but, sadly, nothing works

It's windows 7 64

I hope I can get some help, that would be great :)

(I'm not too good witch computer nor English, so don't get too complicated with wording please?...)


My instance of Blender mysteriously stopped working on Win 10 64-bit. The Visual Studio debugger said, "unhandled exception 0xc0000904."

I uninstalled Blender 2.75, re-installed the MS Visual Studio redistributable (msvcr120.dll), installed Blender 2.77, went through the usual windows service troubleshooting steps starting from a clean boot. All no help.

I finally ran the Program Compatibility troubleshooter, the diagnostics log in %appdata%/temp said "python incompatible".

So I deleted the PYTHONPATH environment variable. Voila! Now Blender starts fine.

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