How can my script be sure that some other script used gets loaded.

For now, I'm using addon_utils.enable("some_needed_addon") inside the register() function of init.py of my script

and addon_utils.disable("some_needed_addon") in the unregister()

and at the biginning or this init.py I have

if "bpy" in locals():
    import importlib

    import bpy
    import addon_utils # To use some other addons


With all that, when you call the new file command, the other script is no longer activated so it is not callable, because I didn't save it in user preferences and don't want to because I'm not sure user will want that.


If your add-on depends on another.

You can enable it from the script like this:

import addon_utils
addon_utils.enable("another_addon", default_set=False, persistent=True)
  • default_set: to leave the users preferences alone.
  • persistent: to keep the add-on loaded, even when the user runs File -> New.

This can be called from the register function.


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