I have been trying to weight paint an umbrella to rig bones. However, I haven't been able to resolve the edges furthest away from the bones. They overlap when the umbrella is near closing. I have looked at this post for rigging an umbrella including the weight paint and I have tried to replicate it but I have not been successful. Would be really happy to hear suggestions of how to properly rig an umbrella and/or assign vertex weight paint colors.

link to my rig file: rig file link

umbrella near open, works fairly well umbrella half open, works fairly well umbrella when closed, and with many overlaps

Here are screenshots of my current weight painting vertex weights as they are in the screenshots above.

non working vertex weight colors

and here are working vertex colors from the link. Although, the umbrella I am working is upside down in normal open position, I don't understand why it doesn't work

enter image description here


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I figured it out. The initial mesh cannot be subdivided more than the number of bone ribs. Each vertex should be mapped to a bone. Watching this tutorial on rigging an umbrella in 3ds Max gave me the answer.

I had basically overcomplicated the problem by subdivisions assigned with weights in between the two ribs.

In other words, I have 6 ribs for the umbrella, with 4 bones along the umbrella mesh. Each bone gets mapped to a vertex.


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