So here are two pictures, the first one Has the outer eye object, which is just solid glass, and the inner eye, which is has a UV map of an eye. The second having just the inner eye. I took a screenshot of my whole screen so you could see I turned the outer eye visibility off on the top right.

enter image description here

Why does the glass darken the inner eye when the light is shining right at it? I could understand the outer eye is reflecting the background, but the light is shining directly at the left eye (as you can see in picture 2).
How do I fix the darkening while keeping the reflective property of an eye?

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    $\begingroup$ try adding a solidify modifier to your glass object $\endgroup$ – user1853 Oct 26 '15 at 4:38

After some extensive testing, I have found that you need to add a glossy effect to the inner eye. For the outer eye, you need to have a mix shader with a glass and transparency shader connected to it.


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