I don't know why, i try everything after a bake to put my texture instead of the old one. The only way i see my old texture is in the outliner but i don't know why it's there because in my shader the only texture i have is the baked one... enter image description here

I'm trying to get a baked texture to export in collada for playing with webgl after but this is really hard to get.


The reason is that you're using cycles. Save the texture you baked to a file and use it as a texture in a Blender Internal material, and the export should work. I export from BI to Collada for use in web and game engines all the time and it works nicely.

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    $\begingroup$ thank you it works now. That's sad that we have to use BI for using the cycles baking in collada, all i do is a simple diffuse material, not very complex :( $\endgroup$ – user3327 Sep 30 '15 at 22:18

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