I write for the importer "unreal engine vertMesh" format, and I have a problem with understanding the process of texturing and uv maps.

I import model, shape keys, and then import the UV coords.

me.uv_textures.new ("uv_test")
me.uv_layers [-1] .data.foreach_set ("uv", [uv for pair in [uv [l.vertex_index] for l in me.loops] for uv in pair])

and immediately I see it on the model.

3d viev before open UV

I have two problems:
1) texture is displayed correctly only on one, very simple model. With any other - bad. other model bad uv map for water model

and use good uv map (in other soft) ->

use good uv map

2) if you open the Edit uvmaps, I see that the map is not true. texture to "intact" model is updated, and breaks. uv cords array true 100%

uv map uvmap_3d

How do I bring uv map in the norm?

Other model bad uv map.

other model uv maps


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