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As part of a problem I need to obtain a curve in the graph editor, that has a constant part , followed by a linear one.

for instance:

for the interval [0,100] the curve is y=0

for the interval [100,end] the curve is y=x-100

I tried under Add-Modifier>Generator, but the closest curve I found was only a y=mx+n curve. There is also the option of using python to shape the curve, but I do not know how. I assumed, that maybe it could be possible to draw the curve by hand, but it does not seem so.

How would you make a F-curve that looks like the white one in the picture ?


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Here are a few ways I can think of.

3 Keyframes, linear interpolation.

Simple driver expression frame if (frame > 100) else 0

Or if you are using modifiers, add two generators and restrict the frame range 0 + 0x for frames 0 to 100 -100 + 1x for frames 100 to

Restricted Frame Range

Also, as suggested here How to change the inherited F-curve independently from the original one ? , I recommend you look at the NLA editor, especially for offsetting the start of actions.


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