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As for the video editor in Blender, I would simply make the five pictures in the drawing and put them one after the other onto a channel. But how to make the same animation if the text is made out of 3d objects in the default layout ? (for instance in order to make them rotate while they are typed )


You can use the Blender Typewriter Addon:


copy and paste the code into the Text Editor, then press alt + p to run the script.

Select your text object and you'll find a new panel into the Font Propery Panel: enter image description here

Type the text in "source_text" field (NELLY).

Go to frame 0 and insert a keyframe for the character_count = 0 (mouse over the field and press i)

Go to frame 75, change character_count to 5 (text length) and press i

EDIT: Animation Nodes Addon

If you need more control (such as animating letters size, rotation...), you could use the Animation Nodes Addon.

Here you can find a video showing an advanced text manipulation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li7R01PyXuI&index=26&list=PLFSQhJg6cGLKq8WbouMNBOHbMd7xUhuom


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