I'm triyng to apply smoke flow to multiple objects at the same time (in the same domain, with blender internal). I Know it's possible for Rigod bodies, with the 'copy from active' button, but I can't find how for smoke...

The leads I've followed, without success:

  • copying physics properties from an object to others (not successful)
  • selecting multiple object at the same time and applying smoke domain in the phycis tab (idem)
  • the best I've managed to do: I've noticed that it's possible to apply smoke to multiple objects at the same time by selecting all the desired objects, and applying a "quick smoke". But I don't know how to adjust the default "quick smoke" properties of the flow objects...

So I've tried to look at the object_quick_effects.py, to modify the default properties, but nothing seems to refer at the flow domain...

I assume it should be possible with scripting, but I don't know anything about python, and I was wondering if there was a simpler way?


I've finally resolved this problem: As soon as the smoke flow is a modifier, we can use Ctrl+L to copy the modifier on one mesh to all the other selected ones.


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