How I can do an operation in blender like Autocad's edgesurf?

In Autocad, edgesurf creates a mesh between four contiguous edges or curves:

enter image description here

Access methods from autocad:

  • Button
  • Ribbon: Mesh Modeling tabPrimitives panelModeling, Meshes, Edge Surface
  • Menu: DrawModelingMeshesEdge Mesh
  • Command entry: edgesurf


Select four adjoining edges that define the mesh. The edges can be lines, arcs, splines, or open polylines. The edges must touch at their endpoints to form a single, closed loop.


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You're looking for the Grid Fill tool.

Grid fill is accessible with Ctrl F Grid fill or via the 3D View header > Mesh > Faces > Grid Fill.

Two edge loops selected, before applying Grid Fill The result of applying Grid Fill to the previous scene


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