I have a not-perfect walkcykle, but in the proces I made a mistake on one bone. I do have a copy of each step I made, therefore I have a walkcykle, which have this bone seved corectly and the other bones are not. is there a way how to combine these two poses?


This is old, but the answer will help other people with the same question.

Yes, you can copy part of a pose into another pose. The armatures must be identical. The best way is to create a pose library and save both poses.

  1. Select the pose from which you'll copy a part and go into pose mode. Select the bones to be copied. Tip: Hold Ctrl when selecting a parent bone and you'll select all the children.
  2. Ctrl+C or Pose > Copy pose.
  3. Now switch to the pose to be modified. Still in pose mode, Ctrl+V go to Pose > Paste Pose.

enter image description here


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