I just got Blender and I don't know how to add textures to only one side. I've tried finding an answer but i can't. It adds the texture to all sides of the object.enter image description here

I just want the blue on one side of the square. BTW i don't know where anything is in blender so if you have an answer please include pictures.


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In Edit Mode select a face (using a face selection [Ctrl+Tab-->Face]) you want a texture to be projected on. Then press U-->Unwrap. In Uv Editor open your image texture. enter image description here

Add a new material to your face (using a + button) and press the Assign button. enter image description here

Then go to the Texture header. Add a new texture and change its type to Image or Movie. Open an image and change its coordinates (in a Mapping panel) to UV.
enter image description here

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Followed these instructions but the 3d view doesn't show my texture. Blender 2.79b $\endgroup$
    – ether_joe
    Commented Jan 27, 2019 at 3:25
  • $\begingroup$ @ether_joe Have you tried to change Viewport Shading to Texture Mode (It's Solid by default)? $\endgroup$
    – Wh1T3h4Ck5
    Commented Jan 27, 2019 at 12:26
  • $\begingroup$ Eventually I realized I needed to hit U -> unwrap after assigning the materials. Now working. $\endgroup$
    – ether_joe
    Commented Jan 27, 2019 at 19:34
  • $\begingroup$ I was banging my head over this for a while. Thanks! $\endgroup$
    – Marker
    Commented Jun 7, 2019 at 18:49
  • $\begingroup$ I am struggling to follow these instruction on blender v2.91. after creating a material, how do I add a texture to it? I do not find the texture header. $\endgroup$
    – Kai
    Commented Feb 16, 2021 at 6:51

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