Is it possible to use Blender's Python API scripting directly from Python IDE? If so, how?. I was looking forward to something that would allow me to help develop a game completely using python.


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You can develop Blender Python add-ons from external IDE's easily, and without compiling Blender as a Python module. The often referenced method of compiling Blender as a Python module has long been defunct, and only works for certain OS's.

Most add-on developers work by opening a project in the 2.8x/scripts/addons/ directory of their Blender installation. From here, you can develop directly in Blender's filesystem from your favorite IDE, then hit F8 in Blender to refresh/re-compile your add-on live.

See this post for a more detailed discussion: The Best Way to Develop Blender Python Add-ons

F8 refreshes the addon list. To bind it to a hotkey in 2.8, insert the command preferences.addon_refresh.

addon refresh hotkey


you should install blender as a python module

see this tutorial : https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Building_Blender/Other/BlenderAsPyModule


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