I know that Blender.org provides downloads for official releases. I see on forums that people use newer versions of Blender. Where can I get newer version of Blender (nightly builds, alpha versions... etc).


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You can get daily builds for Linux, Windows and Mac from graphicall.org. Here you can also find GSOC and custom builds (Yafaray, Luxrender support etc).


GIT/Development builds:

  • The Buildbot:
    There is a buildbot that builds from the git repo daily. You can get git (development) builds for all operating systems that blender supports here.

  • Compile from source:
    Another option is compiling blender from source, see the wiki. While this may seem like a lot of effort, once its setup, it can be less trouble then having to continually download large files, and you can test new features minutes after they're committed.

Release candidates:

You can get past releases and current test-builds/release candidates here.


There are some additional options for linux besides GraphicAll.org and the ones listed above.

  • Ubuntu:
    You can use a PPA such as the irie PPA. (See this question on AskUbuntu for instructions)

  • Archlinux:
    The blender-git package in the AUR

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  • $\begingroup$ @BlenderBoy You could also use the buildbot, you don't have to use Arch.. ;) $\endgroup$
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You can get official daily builds here https://builder.blender.org/download/


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