I thought it had been asked already, but I searched, couldn't find anything for Version 2.74.

Is there a way to save user preferences, like hotkeys or enabled addons, into my .blend file? I may need specific keyboard shortcuts for a certain project, so I want to save the preferences so they would load ONLY for this project when I open it, and when I press Ctrl+N - it would load the default startup settings.


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One way to do that is by manipulating with startup.blend's.

(I feel Python solution probably should be somewhere here... Also this way is a little bit strange because of dealing with multiple config files)

  1. I save user settings so the main startup.blend (default one) looks like this:


  2. In this .blend which will be the startup for the main project, continue setting up new preferences. Change Grid color in 3D View so it differs from default settings, activate some addons etc. I also dropped default lamp and made deselecting everything to happen on Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A, so the startup-for-CurrentProject.blend looks like this:


    Create backup of the main startup.blend (renaming it to startup_Main.blend), save User Preferences in the opened .blend. Open file browser, find there new generated startup.blend (how to find Blender's config file), cut it from there and paste in work folder. Also rename this one in something user-friendly, like startup-for-CurrentProject.blend (for ease). Now, you'll be opening CurrentProject.blend using this file. Also, make sure to rename the main startup_Main.blend back to startup.blend so Blender to find exactly this one, not something else.

  3. Without closing Blender continue creating something or open .blend which will be the main project, I call it CurrentProject.blend. I added something so it to differ from that bunch of startups. Saved it.


  4. Now if creating / opening blend (or reloading default one by Ctrl + N), you'l see that default user preferences remained unchanged.

  5. To work on your project now you should open work folder and that
    startup-for-CurrentProject.blend you've saved earlier. Press Ctrl + O to open saved project using these settings. Find CurrentProject.blend and load it.

    enter image description here

    New settings were saved including enabled addons and keyboard shorcuts.

    Now, you have two .blends in work folder - startup-for-CurrentProject.blend and CurrentProject.blend.


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