I would like to visualize my Data in a efficient and individual style.

My Data is in form of a .CSV file and consists of 700000 data sets. (later i want about 20 million to be visualized)

One dataset has three information: Longitude (X-Coordinate), Latitude (Y-Coordinate) and a Timelinevalue (Z-Axis).

I managed to create a vertex-cloud using the CSV-Mesh-Importer Blenderartists CSV-Mesh-Importer. The result is one object with my 700000 vertices...... So far so good. But to make some kind of Infographic i want to use Dynamic Paint.

In the next step I:

  • animated my cloud and pushed it through a plane (linear movement on Z-Axis).
  • subdivided my plane and set it to Dynamic-Paint Canvas
  • set my vertices to Dynamic-Paint Brush
  • set Dynamic Paint Source to Proximity
  • Dynamic Paint Source - Paint Distance to 0.1

....no Result

If only i could set the Paint source to vertices.... ;-)

I had to convert all vertices into little triangles or rectangles (extrude 2x)

With the quadruple number of vertices i got a visualization. ....Not really satisfying

  • Is it possible to convert my datacloud into a Particle System?
  • Can I teach Dynamic Paint to read out the vertices of the object?
  • Should i try another solution?


Silent_Bob enter image description here enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Can you elaborate 'individual style'? $\endgroup$
    – p2or
    Jun 10 '15 at 11:23
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Sure. With ´individual´ i mean the visual outputs Dynamic-Paint offers: -Paints -Displacements -Heatmaps -Use of Color-Ramps -Dissolving Paint $\endgroup$
    – Silent_Bob
    Jun 10 '15 at 11:37

From description it's quite hard for me to understand if your question is a goal of your needs or only if your question covers your vision - to get something you know about it.

Is it possible to convert my datacloud into a Particle System?


  • Create "New" particle system with your point cloud (brush) object selected
  • Setup the number of particles same as vertices of your "brush" object
  • Set Emit from "Verts" (uncheck "Random")
  • "Physics" set to "No"
  • In "Render" panel of particles properties check on "Unborn" and "Died"

From how many vertices point cloud consist? Just select object and see header of blender window (next to the logo - "Vert:").

  • From your screen it looks like vertices represents some volume. For that you can visualized vertices with new "Point Density" node. Check this part of video https://youtu.be/GhwzIQ6qZO8?t=464
  • If you'r looking for a way to convert your point cloud into a mesh search for remesh or point cloud skinning.

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