While originally modeling a mesh, I was able to easily re-orient my view to inside of the mesh. In the process, I made the following changes:

  • made the mesh completely hollow (removed some extraneous faces from the inside)
  • added texture

Now I can't seem to navigate or zoom into the mesh like I was doing earlier. All I can do is get ridiculously close to the outer surface. Even in wireframe mode, I either can't do this or it seems as if everything is zoomed in much too close to do anything productive.


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You're likely in Orthographic view, rather than Perspective View. Press 5 on your numeric keypad to toggle between the two.

If for some reason you want to stay in orthographic view and still see the inside of the mesh.

Some options:

  • Hide faces that obscure the interior.
  • Use mask modifier on meshes to mask out some geometry.
  • Use view-clipping feature (⎇ AltB)
  • Invert the normals of your mesh (⎈ Ctrl⇧ ShiftN) and enable backface culling in 3D view > Properties
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    – ideasman42
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You are in Orthographic View, just Press "5" to switch to Perspective View, now you can zoom to the inside of the object.

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