I want to animate a character punching, but I want the fist to stop at the impact while the rest of the body continues to move. Is there some sort of anchoring mechanic? How do I put that into the keyframes?

Please be warned, I am both very new to Blender and a certified idiot. If you want to get through to me, you'll have to give me a direct tutorial or explain it in baby language.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The thing you need is called "Inverse Kinematics" – often shortened to IK.

There are A LOT of videos on that topic, e.g. this one: =link=

Now - when you know what you need - just watch related videos.

UPD: You can enable/disable IK during the animation.

In Pose Mode in the [Bone Constraints] tab you can edit IK's Influence:

enter image description here

Influence is 0 – IK disabled

Influence is 1 – IK enabled

You can animate this value:

  1. Uncheck Only Show Selected (to see keyframes related to Influence)

enter image description here

  1. Switch to the first frame of your animation (Shift+):
  2. Since you want IK disabled at first – set Influence to 0 and while hovering mouse cursor over that 0 – press I (this will create a keyframe for 0 value)
  3. Then go to the frame, where IK should be switched
  4. Set Influence to 1 and while hovering mouse cursor over that 1 – press I (this will create a keyframe for 1 value)
  5. Now to make the switching instant – select all keyframes related to Influence, then RightMouseClick > Interpolation Mode > Constant :

enter image description here

That's it.

By the way, you can switch IK not only once, but as many times as you want *by changing IK Influence from 0 to 1 and back from 1 to 0.


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