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Do you think I can add simple cracks to the ground? It's kinda boring or not very detailed, besides the texture. I will be glad if I can add cracks which don't take much time to add. I would like realistic cracks: Not too large, rather small and from this perspective visible

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If you want cracks in the ground, something like this may suit your case: enter image description here

Here's the Picture of the node tree: enter image description here

You may play with the values a bit, if you want to alter the result. This Setup enables you to change the size, distortion, detail, amount, intensity etc. of the cracks.

Hope it helps

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    $\begingroup$ Oops, sorry, I had closed this question down after a few 'Opinion-Based' objections from the community. But if we narrow it down to 'How do I make cracks' as per your answer, that seems fair enough, so re-opened. $\endgroup$
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