Snap to face isn't working. After enabling it, I selected the face I want to snap to and pressed enter (which I think is supposed to be done) and my snap to bar on the bottom looks like this.enter image description here

I want to move this vertex

enter image description here but it ends up like this, even with snap on.

enter image description here Help?

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    – unfa
    May 22 '20 at 18:50

When set to median and face as target an objects median (center) will snap to a face. This example shows how snapping works with different objects and snapping an edge of the same object.

enter image description here

When you use closest as snapping target then objects will snap to the top of the face.

Snapping doesn't work by pressing Enter by itself.

Using Face|Closest|Project individual elements on the surface of others you can achieve the following results but you should press g before pressing Enter.

enter image description here


In Blender 2.8:

In Object Mode In the Top Center of the 3D view is a Magnet Icon (Snapping) and a selection box for the settings.

Set the Settings to FACE, CLOSEST and MOVE.

If you need the object to rotate (like to match a curved surface) turn on rotation as well.

This drove me INSANE because I kept snapping the center pivot of my object to the face, not the closest face.

Selecting CLOSEST fixes that.


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