I have an armature object with a single bone. Now I want to change the rest position for animation purposes.

The only way to manipulate bones I have found is via


Anytime I change the position of a bone I get that way, for example with bone.rotation_euler = (0, 0, angle) it changes the pose but not the rest position.


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You have to access Armature.edit_bones, but they can only be accessed from EditMode.

Example of moving all bones rest positions.

# This script assumes you have an active armature in 'Object Mode'

import bpy
from bpy import context

obj = context.object


for bone in obj.data.edit_bones:
    bone.head.y += 1.0
    bone.tail.y += 1.0


Note: instead of manipulating the head/tail directly, it can be more convenient to use EditBone.transform so you can use a transformation matrix to rotate/scale/translate - all at once.

To transform the entire armature, use Armature.transform


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