Blender version: 4.0.2

I was trying to sculpt a simple human head for future animations using two planes: one for the face and ears, and one for the back. I am starting low-poly. I use multiresolution for verifying how things are playing out.

I was using mostly the edit mode to build everything, not much of the sculpt mode. I have recorded some of the initial modeling process, but, you see, the results aren't that nice.

Importantly, I am having two issues: the ear looks distorted, and the head looks like it is split or was sewn.

Sewn head

Distorted ear

Note: I may probably restart all this head.


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    $\begingroup$ there is box modelling and there is sculpting. For both approaches it's a good idea to start with a cube or a sphere. The MultiRes modifier is like a layer to add fine details like wrinkles if you have a base model done. It's not used to turn a cube into a human head. Better use the remesh operation when you sculpt the mesh to create the base shape. $\endgroup$
    – Blunder
    Commented Mar 30 at 13:38

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The faces on the back of the head have inverted normals. On the ViewportOverlay dropdown enable FaceOrientation. The red portion shows that the normals are flipped. Blue is ok.

Go into Edit mode, select All then Shift-N to recalculate the Normals.

enter image description here

There are still a couple of faces on the ear which are inverted but I think you should start again with that anyway as the topology is very poor. You also need to add and apply a Subdivision Surface modifier to give the sculpt brushes more vertices to work on.


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