Today I was trying to add a mustache onto my piece by using Nurbspath.I have never used it before and can't find a tutorial on how to use UV editing on it.I'm quite new to Blender and need help figuring out what to do.Help!!


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Apart from the answer which is completely valid, here is some additional information: another way to make a mesh object would be to press Ctrl+A > Apply > Visual Geometry to Mesh.

Both methods, this one and RMB > Convert to > Mesh, work on curve and mesh objects. On a mesh object this only makes sense if you have modifiers on the object like Subdivision Surface, Bevel, Displacement and so on. They will automatically be applied in this case.

However, and here is a big difference between curve and mesh objects, if you convert a mesh object with modifiers, all the modifiers are applied, which means the geometry is changed according to the modifiers' settings and they are removed afterwards.

If you convert a curve to a mesh which also has a Subdivision Surface modifier added, then the conversion will only make a mesh object out of the base curve object and the modifier will be removed without applying. Which means, after converting to a mesh the smoothness is gone because the modifier is removed without affecting the mesh. And applying the modifier to a curve before converting to a mesh is not possible.

But this only happens if the Subdivision Surface modifier is the last in line. If you add e.g. a Mirror or Simple Deform modifier after the Subdivision Surface, everything will be applied. If the other modifiers are before (over) the Subdivision Surface modifier in the list, the conversion will only keep the mirrored and deformed mesh, but not the smoothing.


To unwrap UVs, you must first convert your curve to a mesh. Right-click and select Convert to > Mesh.


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