Is there a shortcut to make several selected objects children of a new empty object?

That would be so handy, instead of always doing a new empty and moving it somewhere and then parenting all objects to it.


Here is a script that create an empty and make it a parent for all selected objects, select the objects and run the script

import bpy

selected_obj = bpy.context.selected_objects.copy()
for obj in selected_obj :
    obj.parent = bpy.context.object

the script at the end is in an addon for reuse , install it and you can trigger it with pressing P, you can change this in the user preferences :

  • select the objects
  • press P
  • select the Empty type ( axis, arrow, cube ...)
  • select the empty position ( world center, median point, at cursor, active object )
  • check parent inverse if you want to set the inverse
  • you can set the name of the empty in name field

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bl_info = {
"name": "Add a parent",
"author": "Chebhou",
"version": (1, 0),
"blender": (2, 65, 0),
"description": "Adds a parent for the selected objects",
"category": "Object"}

import bpy
import sys
from bpy.props import BoolProperty, EnumProperty, StringProperty

def add_parent(self, context):
    selected_obj = bpy.context.selected_objects.copy()
    if self.position != 'None' :
    bpy.ops.object.empty_add(type = self.type)
    bpy.context.object.name = self.name
    inv_mat = bpy.context.object.matrix_world.inverted()
    for obj in selected_obj :
        obj.parent = bpy.context.object
        if self.inverse :
            obj.matrix_parent_inverse = inv_mat

class AddParent(bpy.types.Operator):
    """Create a new parent"""
    bl_idname = "object.add_parent"
    bl_label = "Add a parent"
    bl_options = {'REGISTER', 'UNDO'}

    type  = EnumProperty(
        name="empty type",
        description="choose the empty type",
        items=(('PLAIN_AXES', "Axis", "Axis"),
                ('ARROWS', "Arrows", "Arrows"),
                ('SINGLE_ARROW', "Single arrow", "Single arrow"),
                ('CIRCLE', "Circle", "Circle"),
                ('CUBE', "Cube", "Cube"),
               ('SPHERE', "Sphere", "Sphere"),
               ('CONE', "Cone", "Cone")),

    inverse = BoolProperty(                        
                name = "parent inverse",                          
                default = 0,                
                description = "check to set the inverse"

    position  = EnumProperty(
                name="parent position",
                description="where to create the parent",
                items=(('center', "World center", "World center"),
                       ('None', "Cursor position", "Cursor position"),
                       ('selected', "Median point", "Median position"),
                       ('active', "Active object position", "Active position"),),

    name      = StringProperty(
                name ="name",
                default ="Parent")

    def execute(self, context):
        add_parent(self, context)
        return {'FINISHED'}

addon_keymaps = []

def register():

    wm = bpy.context.window_manager
    kc = wm.keyconfigs.addon
    if kc:
        km = wm.keyconfigs.addon.keymaps.new(name='Object Mode', space_type='EMPTY')
        kmi = km.keymap_items.new(AddParent.bl_idname, 'P', 'PRESS')# you can chnge the shortcut later
        addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))

def unregister():

    for km, kmi in addon_keymaps:

if __name__ == "__main__":

link to Addon file

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without the ops:

import bpy

context = bpy.context
scene = context.scene
objects = bpy.data.objects

selected_objects = context.selected_objects.copy()
mt = objects.new('parent_empty', None)

for o in selected_objects:
    o.parent = mt

You'd need to wrap this in operator /addon code so you could trigger it from a shortcut or menu, permanently..

Templates for Operators can be found in: TextEditor -> Templates -> Python -> Operator Simple

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