Is it possible to convert a 3D objects face corner positions to UVs?

I want to deform an objects mesh, save it as UV and then reapply those as UVs. I want to create a UV map in geometry nodes without the unwrap node.

Here is a blend setup as explanation:

enter image description here


I tried many setups including Sample Index, but never could get it to work properly.


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How to upload a blend file on BSE - good practices and advice

Your link doesn't work, no access.

You don't need to deform your mesh temporarily, or on a copy to sample the UV from. Just deform your positions directly:

BTW it makes no sense, when evaluating in "Face Corner" domain, to use the "evaluate on domain: face corner".

  • $\begingroup$ actually the vector math: multiply is not even needed there because it's a 2D vector so $z$ component is discarded. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 23 at 16:30

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