I am a blender beginner and plan use blender to visualise protein structures. Currently my workflow will be: Protein database >.stl> PyMOL >.gltf> Blender >.usd> Keynote. This will also be the basis for exporting other scientific models to Keynote in the future and present them to peers.

The Problem

Annotating the protein structure in PyMOL generates vertex colors (color attributes) on the model, when I export this model as .gltf I can see the annotations in Blender (4.0.2), but when I now try to export it further to .usd I do not find a way to keep the colors (at least they are not shown in Keynote) and the model is plain white. In my shader nodes I plugged color of "color Attributes" to base color in the "Principled BSDF" node and BSDF to surface in the "Material Output".

What am I missing here? I checked several forums an could not find a solution to this. Let me know if you need further information.


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The name of the color attribute in blender is used as the name for the primitive variable in the USD file. The reserved name for vertex colors in the USD is displayColor.

Try changing the name of the color attribute to displayColor.


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