How can I set/offset position of vertices of specific edge? In the follow example given a plane with 9 faces. When setting a value in the node "Integer: Index of edge", the two vertices connected to the edge with that index should be offset up by 0.2.

enter image description here


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(Using Blender 3.6.5)

The edge is firstly recovered with two Sample Index nodes set in Edge domain, before its end vertices index is recovered with Edge Vertices nodes. It is to notice that the node Set Position is acting in Point domain.

GN Graph



The follow solution adds a boolean flag attribute for each edge. When an edge's flag is True, its vertices are selected because of the flag value that is interpolated into the vertices domain in the selection process.

This solution has several advantages:

  1. It has a smaller graph.
  2. When wish edge index is out of range, no point will be offset.
  3. It can be easily modified for selecting several edges by changing the logic inside the "Edges chooser" frame. enter image description here

For example, here is a modification for when we want edges 0,1,2,3 to be offset: enter image description here


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