I am making an simple 10sec background animation for an intro video for a website using Blender's particle emitter. The particles are rotating and collisions are turned on and I've used a slight brownian force on the particles to give them a bit of motion.
The scene is simply a shot of the particles using depth of field for visual effect. I would like to loop the 10 sec video for continuous play.

With that in mind, I am trying to make the transition of the loop seamless. I am thinking of using a cross or gamma cross effect to make the transition appear seamless.

Is there a better way for to achieve what I'm after, or will this approach even work?


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  • If your video sequence has transparency such a png, then the video sequence editor VSE, can layer the video with alpha transparency setting.

  • There is always the simple fade to black and start over with alpha transparency.

  • The particles themselves can fade to black in a more random fashion with the particle info node.

enter image description here


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